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Our added value

AD_INFINITUM’s focus is on creating a substantial, lasting improvement of PPC advertising efficiency for online retailers.

Our AI-based algorithms allow us to…

Real-life example (Google Shopping)

Reading example: In ‘Month 0’ we took over the bidding for Google Shopping advertisements. In month 3 the Sales Index was at 307, up from 100 in Month 0. This represents a sales increase of 207%. In that same month the index for Cost of Sales was at 40, representing an advertising cost decrease of 60%.

‘Sales’ is defined as the revenue (or: Conversion Value) resulting from Shopping advertisements as registered by Google.
‘Cost of Sales’ is defined as: advertising expenses divided by the corresponding ‘Sales’.  E.g. if a retailer spends €20,- on advertising to generate €100,- in Sales, then the Cost of Sales is 20%.

Our track record

Our commercial claim is that we improve advertising performance by 20% at least (‘Cost of Sales’).

However, we are proud to say that, on average, we do much better than that. The sales increase we have realised for our customers ranges from 9% to 142%. The reduction in advertising costs (Cost of Sales) ranges from 13% to 55% **).

The graph below highlights the average performance changes of all campaigns we have managed up until Q1 2020 . 

**) As a standardised performance measurement method we compare the 3-month average before we started bidding with the 3-month average after we started bidding on the campaign. Every business is different and the quality with which the campaigns are managed before we come on board also varies greatly. The above figures are for informational purposes only. No rights can be derived from them.

We support online marketers

We are the Data Scientists behind the Marketers and we work for in-house, agency-based as well as freelance Marketers.

As quantitative scientists we exclusively focus on bidding. This a decisive, but only small part of the entire online advertising process.

The combination of AD_INFINITUM with a professional Online Marketer gives our retailing customers the best of both worlds: strategic insights and the creative skill of the marketer, supported by the Artificial Intelligence of AD_INFINITUM.




Our pricing

Tailor-made solutions require tailor-made pricing. So no standard price lists with us.

However, we do believe that pricing should be fair, transparent and flexible. So we simply charge a small percentage of the AdSpend. The higher the AdSpend, the lower the percentage. Very fair and transparent. No fixed charges, no long term commitments and no surprises. For our algorithms to work as they should, we do require a minimum AdSpend of roughly €1.000/month/campaign though.

For our partners a similar model applies. The higher the total AdSpend, the more attractive our pricing conditions become.

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